Tennis Instruction

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Rise of the Drop Shot

The drop shot could be a great surprise tactic in your tennis game. Slicing the ball just over the net tape, a drop sot is a sound way of throwing off the balance and rhythm of your opponent. It doesn’t have to be a winning shot and it focuses on your opponent’s movement, or lack of movement and direction. [ more ]

Stroke Consistency

There are always good days and bad days on the tennis courts. But more often, we find ourselves feeling “I could have played better” then settling for “I suppose I could have played worse.” This is the point when you need to tell yourself to bring your game up a notch – to focus on a part of your game to improve, to get better. One way is to look at the consistency of your shots and work to be more consistent with your strokes. Here are seven factors to help with your playing consistency. [ more ]

Ready, Set, Lob ?

Underrated, underused and certainly under appreciated. Why is it that the lob is the derelict of all tennis shots? Let's talk about using the lob as an effective means of winning points against opponents that like to play at the net. [ more ]

Instruction: Footwork

Ever hit a ball and you think it will be a good shot, only for it to wind up in the net or sailing wide?  Then, do you look at your racquet head? Next time try looking at your feet. [ more ]

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