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Fitness is key to a healthy lifestyle and to a complete tennis game. Let our experts give you tips and information in gaining control of your fitness regime.

Tennis Does the Body Good

There are many benefits to playing tennis. In a healthy life style-conscious world the benefits of tennis are agreeably revealed. [ more ]

Got Back Pain?

Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries in tennis. A university study of women athletes with back pain cites tennis as the second most common cause of pain. On the WTA and ATP World tours, a study of 143 players who complained of injuries found that back pain was the most common reason for a trainer’s visit, totaling 20 percent of all complaints. [ more ]

Conditioning Your Core

Who doesn’t want to be faster on the tennis court, have more power and move like a cat on the court? We all strive to become the best player we can be, but are you exercising properly to improve your tennis? Most people don’t. They pump iron to strengthen their arms, legs and shoulders, thinking that will give them more power and speed. They ignore, however, the most functional component of fitness – the body’s core. [ more ]


Stress is a very common problem that affects us all at some point in our lives. What stresses you out? Let's focus on managing or coping with stress to improve your mental and physical well being - and your tennis game. [ more ]

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