Tennis Does the Body Good

There are many benefits to playing tennis. In a healthy life style-conscious world the benefits of tennis are agreeably revealed.

Tennis has incredible benefits on your health and well-being.  And the good news is that we obtain these benefits every time we set foot on a tennis court. Just the exercise alone can help in maintaining a healthy weight, as well as prevent or manage various conditions including heart disease and high blood pressure, strengthen your bones and muscles, improve your mood and your balance and coordination.

By making tennis part of your weekly routine you may live a longer, healthier life. Here are 10 quick insights as to how tennis does the body good.

You burn fat. Excess body fat is very dangerous to your health. Tennis helps you burn more fat, as it boosts your metabolism and heart rate.  Playing tennis keeps the heart beating faster causing you to breathe harder and deeper. In order to keep body fat down, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Healthy heart. Tennis is a good way to strengthen you heart. Tennis, and its popular training program Cardio Tennis, are actually forms of aerobic exercise. Increasing your heart rate and blood circulation through the body, you bring more oxygen and nutrients to heart, as well as other organs in the body.

Boost your metabolism.  Tennis increases the demand for energy which results in an increase in your metabolism. Tennis, because of the steady forward, backward, side-to-side movement for just an hour on court is a sure way of revving up your metabolism – and we all know that we are usually on court more than just an hour!

Stronger legs. Tennis builds strength and endurance. This leads to stronger legs, especially the calves and hamstrings.

Assists digestion. Now, I am not recommending going out and eating a full meal before you play tennis – this is definitely not a good idea. However, when the body is active it does help food digest through our system, speeding up the rate which food moves through the stomach. When this happens it decreases blood sugar levels that results in decreasing cardiovascular risks and potentially diabetes. That’s why doctors recommend taking a walk after dinner or after a heavy meal (like on Thanksgiving Day!).

Release tension. Tennis warms up your muscles and stretches them out which in turn releases tension in the body. The stretch and follow through of your strokes, and especially reaching and stretching during your service motion are key. Also, beating up on the little yellow fuzzy tennis ball is a good release of any mind stress. You know how when you just whale on the ball if feels so good? Well, picture the person’s head on the ball that is the base of your stress and whale away – “grip it and rip it!”

Vitamin D. As we come into the outdoor season of tennis, those early Sunday morning pickup games as well as playing outside in the evenings are great ways to get your vitamin D. Being outdoors playing tennis ensures direct sunlight to your skin, which is essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Mental clarity. I already mentioned tennis is great for stress and anxiety relief in the body, but I believe tennis is also good for the mind. Tennis can be methodical and calms the brain, sparking nerve cells that relax the senses.

A Good Night’s Sleep. Yes, tennis can help you sleep better. With all type of exercise contributing to this, body activity boosts the effect of the natural sleep hormone melatonin. You should find that on days that you play tennis, you are followed by a healthy night sleep.

Better Mood. Does your significant other complain about your mood swings? Tennis boosts endorphins in the body which put you in a better mood. People who play tennis feel more enthusiastic and more relaxed after playing, thus promoting a positive mood and wellbeing. Face it, tennis people are happy people.

So there are 10 reasons how tennis helps to make a healthier you.  No excuses (unless you are nursing an injury). Grab your racquet and go – see you on the courts!

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