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Australian Open:
Jan 19 - Feb 1, 2015

It's Summer down under!
Get ready for the first major in 2015.
Tennis at its finest!

From the US Open to the Australian Open
From one Open to another . . . New York to Melbourne . . .

Check out Andy Murray's Book
Andy Murray, Seventy-Seven. "The book takes you on a personal journey through his career, focusing on the last two dramatic years, he shares his thoughts on the pivotal moments of his playing career and allows a glimpse into his world - his intense training regime, his close-knit team and his mental and physical battle to get to the top." Click here to read an excerpt from his book that speaks to his Olympic run.


NorthEast Tennis Central

Conditioning Your Core

Who doesn’t want to be faster on the tennis court, have more power and move like a cat on the court? We all strive to become the best player we can be, but are you exercising properly to improve your tennis? [ more ]

Ready, Set, Lob ?

Underrated, underused and certainly under appreciated. Why is it that the lob is the derelict of all tennis shots? Let's talk about using the lob as an effective means of winning points against opponents that like to play at the net. [ more ]


Stress is a very common problem that affects us all at some point in our lives. What stresses you out? Let's focus on managing or coping with stress to improve your mental and physical well being - and your tennis game.  [ more ]

Instruction: Focus on Footwork

Ever hit a ball and you think it will be a good shot, only for it to wind up in the net or sailing wide?  Then, do you look at your racquet head? Next time try looking at your feet. [ more ]

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