Daria Gavrilova - 2017 CT Open Champ!

2017 CT Open Aug. 18-26

Pete Sampras Reading NorthEast Tennis!

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AUSTRALIAN OPEN - January 15-28
The first Grand Slam of 2018! Serena Williams, who won the event in 2017 and unknown to most was several weeks pregnant with her first child (a daughter born in September), has already announced that she is planning to return to defend her title as long as her training continues and she feels "fit" to compete at this level by January.

Sweet #19

Congratulations to Roger Federer on his 19th Grand Slam Win and his record 8th Wimbledon win. He becomes the oldest man in the Open era winning Wimbledon at 35 years old. He also now has the most Wimbledon titles at 8 and now has 19 Grand Slam titles. Roger's ranking also improved to number 3. "It’s magical, I can’t believe it yet. It’s too much, really," said Roger. "It’s disbelief that I can achieve such heights. I wasn’t sure if I’d be in a final again after last year...But I kept believing and if you believe you can go a long way in your life. Here I am with an eighth title, it’s fantastic."

Agassi in Djokovic's Camp

Thank you Steffi! It has been reported that Steffi Graf is responsible for getting Andre to work with Novak Djokovic. Andre is yet another tennis legend working with a current champion on the tour. His focus is to help Novak focus on his game and strategy to get back to World No. 1. 

Roland Garros Crowns NEW Women's Champ
Jelena Ostapenko outmatched Simona Halep to win the 2017 Women's Singles French Open Championships. "I can't believe I an the Roland Garros champion and I am only 20 years old!" Ostapenko exclaimed. The Grand Slam win marked her first tournament win on the WTA Tour. What a way to start - Go Jelena!

Tennis Does the Body Good!
There are many benefits to playing tennis. In a healthy life style-conscious world the benefits of tennis are agreeably revealed.Tennis has incredible benefits on your health and well-being.... [ more ]

Stroke Consistency
Stroke Consistency: 7 Factors to improve consistency in your strokes. [ more ]


Tournament of Dreams

Be a part of the 2016 US Open . . .


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Wimbledon Awaits!

From the US Open to the Australian Open

From one Open to another . . . New York to Melbourne . . .

NorthEast Tennis Central

Conditioning Your Core

Who doesn’t want to be faster on the tennis court, have more power and move like a cat on the court? We all strive to become the best player we can be, but are you exercising properly to improve your tennis? [ more ]

Ready, Set, Lob ?

Underrated, underused and certainly under appreciated. Why is it that the lob is the derelict of all tennis shots? Let's talk about using the lob as an effective means of winning points against opponents that like to play at the net. [ more ]

Instruction: Focus on Footwork

Ever hit a ball and you think it will be a good shot, only for it to wind up in the net or sailing wide?  Then, do you look at your racquet head? Next time try looking at your feet. [ more ]

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